Gym Payment Guidelines and Policies


1. Registration fee of $35 (annual fee).

2. First month’s tuition (tuition will be pro-rated depending on your start date).

3. A deposit equivalent to one month’s tuition will be due at the time of sign up. The deposit will be credited to your last month’s tuition IF we receive 30 days written notice, which is due by the 20th of the month, prior to the month you wish to drop. This must be done in order to receive the full amount of your deposit.

4. Gym registration fees and tuition fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.


You may choose to pay your tuition with one of the following option:

1. Automatic draft through a checking or savings account or a monthly debit from a credit card are the most convenient methods.

2. Personal Checks are accepted and cash payments are accepted as well but must be received by the 5th day of the month to avoid a $20 late payment penalty .

2. If you wish to drop your class, A 30 DAY WRITTEN NOTICE MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE OFFICE TO AVOID THE LOSS OF YOUR DEPOSIT. Your tuition/deposit holds your child’s place in his/her class. If tuition is a month overdue, your deposit will be applied, and your membership with Cheer Station will be terminated until you have replaced your deposit and paid the next month's tuition fees.


The open gyms are included in your tuition if you are a current class or team member. Every open gym or private student must pay a gym membership fee and annual registration fee in order to participate at Cheer Station before they can partake in open gyms or privates.

  • Annual Gym Membership Fee - $100

  • Annual Registration Fee - $35


1. Every private lesson student must pay the gym membership fee and annual registration fee before any private lesson is taught at the Cheer Station facility. The above fees allows the student to take privates lessons and attend opens gym sessions.

2. Students will pay their private lesson instructor directly (see private lesson chart in the tuition section of this website. (in addition to the $135 paid to the gym).

3. Deposits and gym registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. No refunds will be given for these fees regardless of your attendance year-round.


1. There will be no refunds given. If you drop from the CSI program without giving a 30-day written notification, you will forfeit your deposit (last month’s tuition). If you are transferring to one of our All-Star Cheer Teams and are a current gym member, we will transfer whatever amount is available at that time. There will be no transfers for private lesson instruction.

2. Monthly tuition is not pro-rated for holidays since some months have five classes per month instead of four, thus evening out over the year.

3. All communication to switch, add, freeze, or drop a class/team needs to be in writing. Please contact the front office for class availability and notice of any changes.

4. Cheer Station may freeze your account for one month only for medical reasons. We must receive the request in writing by the 20th of the month prior to your freeze. For a medical freeze, we will need to provide a signed doctor’s note.


The following are event/holidays that we will be closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas (Winter Break), New Year’s Day, MLK Day, Easter Weekend, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day Weekend, & AISD Spring Break. There are no makeup classes for these closings as some months have 5 classes and tuition is amortized over the year.


All communications with coaches needs to be done during scheduled meetings only. Before and after class is not the appropriate time. All concerns/questions must go through the front office.


Please arrive on time so that your child does not miss any of the warm-up. Children are not allowed to wait outside for parents, so please pick your child up promptly. CSI cannot be held responsible for your child once he/she leaves the building.


Students need to dress comfortably for the gym so please no jewelry, baggy clothes, zippers, or other items that can be dangerous for gymnastics/tumbling. Socks and tennis shoes should be worn & hair should be pulled back from the face.