Upcoming Workshops

We have a workshop for everyone! Check out our upcoming events. Please make sure you pre-register to attend!

Parents Night Out-Bring a Friend-September 29th-6:00-10:00 $25 for all athletes!

Tumbling Clinic-September 30th-10:00-11:00-$25 member/35 NM

Jump Clinic-September 30th-11:30-12:15-$15 member/20 NM

Stunt Clinic-October 1st-5:50-6:30-$25 member/35 NM

Tumbling Clinic-October 21st-10:00-11:00-$25 member/35 NM

Jump Clinic-October 21st-11:30-12:15-$15 member/20 NM

Stunt Clinic-October 22nd-5:50-6:30-$25 member/35 NM

Parents Night Out-Hallowfest-October 27th-6:00-10:00 $25 member/35 NM

Holiday Tumbling Clinic-Columbus Day, October 29th-9:00-12:00 PM-$40 mem/$45 NM

Stunt Clinic-November 12th-5:50-6:30-$25 member/35 NM

Tumbling Clinic-November 18th-10:00-11:00-$25 member/35 NM

Jump Clinic-November 18th-11:30-12:15-$15 member/20 NM

Parents Night Out-Pajama Pants Party-November 17th-6:00-10:00 $25 member/35 NM

Holiday Tumbling Clinic-Thanksgiving, November 20th-21st-9:00-12:00 PM-$80 member/$85 NM

Holiday Tumbling Clinic-Winter Break, December 27th-29th-9:00-12:00 PM-$120 member/$130 NM

Holiday Tumbling Clinic-New Years, January 2nd-3rd-9:00-12:00 PM-$80 member/$85 NM